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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Workshop Meeting  - JANUARY 11, 2007 – 7:30 PM


Review and Receipt of Correspondence

Open Work Session

1. Report on Wastewater Project
Because the bids for the project reflected some substantial cost increases, the Town is looking at an engineering review of this project. Board will try and setup interviews with two firms next Thursday to see if there’s some validation in doing such a review.

2. Discuss Open Space Committee
Town has received 10 applications for positions on the Open Space Committee and will review whether the Town Board as a whole, or say two Board members should interview the candidates.

3. Discussion on Local Laws: Wetlands, Steep Slopes and Lot Count
These proposed Town Laws have been modified and are now available for review at the Town’s website at http://www.eastfishkillny.org/locallaws.htm .  
Because the Town wanted the Town’s Planner to review these laws, the reopening of the public hearing will likely now be during one of the February meetings.

4. Discuss Insurance BOR
As the Town already pays a broker fee in their MVP insurance payments – it is built in to the fees – Marshall & Sterling Insurance has asked to be the Broker of Record for the Town. It is a no-binding agreement – but one that will have Marshall & Sterling doing some of the work and support that is now currently done by Town employees. Board agreed to go ahead with this.

5. Discuss GIS Contract
The GIS contract consultant for the Town needs to be reviewed by the Town Board, as this is up for renewal.

6. Discuss Comptroller Position
The Town Board would like to create a position of Controller for the Town. Towns of our size usually have Controllers. The Board will consider establishing the Controller position at the next meeting. Meanwhile a job description will be arrived at by the Board. The current financial administrator has expressed an interest in this position if created.

7. Discuss Town Historian
Everett Lee – will be named Town Historian Emeritus for recognition of all the years he’s been active Town Historian. Carolyn Plage, will be named Town Historian for active duties.


Additionally – Save Wiccopee Organization learned our Supervisor John Hickman, over the Holidays, completed his Masters Degree in Business Administration. As the pressures of growth, complexities, and multiple issues facing the Town grow more and more every year, we sincerely applaud John’s personal efforts at continuing education and learning efforts. We strongly feel all Town employees and appointees should endeavor to undertake continuing education in their areas of responsibility.
Congratulations – Supervisor Hickman!

Close Work Session

Executive Session
Discuss personnel and matters of litigation.


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