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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Meeting -
November 29, 2007 – 7:30 PM
John Hickman - Supervisor’s Announcements
  • Dutchess County Department of Transportation will be doing work on Beekman-Phillips Rd Intersection irrespective of Town's desires. No left turn signs are already up both directions.
  • Footings are in for moving the historic ice house to the East Fishkill Historical Society Headquarters at The Brinckerhoff-Pudney-Palen House North Kensington Drive, East Fishkill.
  • St. Columba Church sent the Town a letter of thanks and appreciation for the sidewalk improvements in the front of their property.
Roll Call - ALL Board Members were Present
Public Comments on Agenda Items:
  • One resident asked how an agenda item could be put on the Town Board's agenda. Supervisor Hickman suggested writing a letter to the Supervisor and Town Board with information requesting this. Another resident, part of the same group, spoke of noise disturbances from the "Fire on the Mountain" restaurant on Rte 52 in Stormville, that music and noise could be heard all the way over to White Pond Road. There is a noise law under consideration coming up for public hearing in the future and these residents were encouraged to attend and have input. Additionally the Town will look into any other laws that might currently address this noise complaints.
  • John Koch asked several questions regarding agenda items, most info from his questions incorporated in items below.             
Public Hearings:  None
     1.        Accept Retirement/Resignation letter of Hon. William Gee as Town Justice; Extend thanks for service. Accepted - 26 years of service! Board recognized Hon. Gee with much applause.
     2.            Appoint Interim Town Justice to serve until December 31, 2008.  
Appointed Irene McElhinney (sp?) over objections by Council Person Bill Dahncke that the Republican Party Chair sent a letter that appear to "dictate" this individual for appointment. He approves choice, but felt it inappropriate for any political party to make such input.
     3.            Authorize Grant Application for Planning Services for Hopewell Hamlet.
Authorized Supervisor Hickman to apply for grant - up to $10,000 in matching funds to implement Greenway improvements to Hopewell Hamlet.
     4.            Authorize acceptance of parcel of land from IBM for the Shenandoah Water
                    District Tank.
Approved - 1 acre parcel of land from Bethel Baptist Church on Shenandoah Rd. (Denis  Callinan said the original agreement was this tank would be on the contaminated site as a punitive measure for owner polluting the area. Apparently this alternative site is better suited for elevation and other engineering issues.
     5.            Authorize Supervisor to execute Contract with NYS Department of              
                    Transportation to receive reimbursement for the Route 82 sidewalks and
                    Authorize $3,000.00 – change order.
Authorized - money to come out of general fund.
     6.            Authorize Change Order #1 with respect to Hopewell Recreation Lighting.
Authorized - a $30,000 increase.
     7.            Authorize Non-Union Highway Foreman to receive wage increase and
                    benefit adjustments.
     8.            Concurrence of Town Board in boundary adjustment of Empire Zone
Approved - swapping of 8.8 acres of wetlands out of boundary for 8.8. acres of non-wetlands.
     9.            Authorize letter to NYS Department of Transportation with respect to
                    traffic issues on Route 376 and Robinson Lane.
Authorized - suggesting the need for Left-turn lanes with the increase in traffic and development there.
     10           Authorize Highway Material Bid for 2008.
Authorized - to put bids out for quotes.
     11.          Release Maintenance Bonds on various Town roads.
Released bonds on several Town roads from reports from Town Engineer and Highway Supervisor.
     12.          Set Public Hearing for December 20, 2007 on Local Law limiting Outdoor
Set this date for public hearing. The County considered a county-wide law but did nothing. Concerns mentioned were smoke issues, stack heights, what's burned. etc?
     13.          Set Public Hearing for December 20, 2007 on Local Law with respect to the
                    Administration of the NYS Uniform Building and Fire Code.
Set this date for public hearing. A state unfunded mandate that the state requires the Town to implement these codes.
     14.          Waive all Building Permit fees for construction of Shenandoah Water District.
Approved. Denis Callinan opposes this. "Residents worked hard to get the order of consent and the Town did little to get this water pollution issue resolved. He feels IBM shoud pay all costs including the future costs of operating system and residents should not pay a penny. The on-going construction is causing dust issues on houses and the construction road repairs are already starting to fail." Council Person Heidi Resk voted NO on this.
     15.          Receive Planning Board Recommendation of Kassier Rezoning Petition
                    and return Petition to property owner.
Returning this petition as proposed use, a Bed & Breakfast in an historic house, does not require rezoning, but only a special use permit.
     16.          Refer Re-Zoning Petition for Route 82 Property (Yoong) to Planning Board.
Get Planing Board's input on a request to rezone a 4.3 acre parcel Route 82 near the Medical Arts Building from R(esidential)-1 to B(usiness)-1 zoning.
     17.          Declare Emergency under GML Bidding Provisions with respect to Bretteview
                    Water Sources.
Declared. Brettview water has sediment and odors, still safe to drink, but Town Engineer said this could change anytime. Council Person Heidi Resk asked what would be done if this happens, Town Engineer indicated trucking water in was not feasible as they use >100,000 gallons of water a day!
     18.          Award Bid to outside contractors to operate Town Water Districts.
Awarded. Replacing two Town employees, one already retired. It's a 3 year contract with a 90 day termination for any reason clause. John Paraskeva asked if the firm would clear snow from fire hydrants in the water districts - answer, it was not part of contract.
     19.          Appoint (2) Full Time Typists in Assessor’s Office.
Replacement of existing positions.
     20.          Set Re-organizational Town Board Meeting and Swearing in Ceremonies
                    for January 3, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
Set - Council Person Heidi Resk Abstained.
     21.         Appoint 1 Full Time Clerk to the Justice.
Appointed Brenda Dennehy (sp?)
     22.         Appoint 1 Part Time Clerk to Building Department.
Appointed Jacquline Kennon (sp?)
     23.         To Accept Gert's Way as a Town Road, and Accept the Maintenance Bond for same.
Budget Transfer (if any):
Approved several budget transfers.
Public Comments on General Town Issues:
  • Tim Paraskeva asked if the new Road near Phillips Rd development was named and accepted - Noah Way is new road entering Beekman Rd. Town accepted new road and name. Signs to be put up.
  • Council Person Ethel Walker wants signal light at Phillips Road and Beekman and NOT at the new road - Noah Way - and Beekman Rd.
  • John Koch asked if Street signs could be made bigger, Highway Supervisor Dennis Miller said they are being done bigger to meet 911 requirements.
  • Denis Callinan asked why the health insurance issue for part time elected officials was off the agenda tonight. John Hickman mentioned it would be discussed at the next Town Board workshop meeting. Denis suggested they get public input on this.
Next Town Board Work Session:                                        December 6, 2007
Next Town Board Meeting:                                                     December 20, 2007             
All Agendas are posted on the Town Website:



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