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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Work Session Meeting - December 6th, 2007 – 7:30 PM
DECEMBER 6, 2007 – 7:30PM
Open Work Session
1.           Discuss Cell One Proposal
Cell One has proposed using the water tower at Little Switzerland to locate an antenna. Money from this may be used to benefit residents by updating the water districts pipes that need replacing. Discussion on whether the Town would get co-locate revenue from this usage.
2.           Discuss Open Space Palen Road
Open Space Preservation Committee meeting suggest putting signage on a 17 acre Town owned parcel off Palen Rd. indicating that it was part of the open space efforts. Malcolm Mills presented a mock up of signage that would designate this. The property backs up to the parking lot at the East Fishkill's Historical Society's Brinckerhoff-Pudney-Palen House on North Kensington Drive, East Fishkill. Heidi Resk, John Hickman, and other board members indicated they thought this was a good idea.
3.           Discuss Part Time Elected Officials Benefits
Discussion Health Care Benefits for part time elected officials. Supervisor John Hickman passed around a draft resolution, said the Town had surveyed what other Town's are offering, said some had changes in 2006 where covered contributed to some of the coverage. Heide Resk was concerned about the grandfathering in of past members. If a Town Board member serves 10 years, at retirement age 65, they would get full health care benefits paid by the Town. Though a Town work session and not a public hearing, the Town Board took public input on this issue. One resident, Frank, spoke on how grandfathering was unfair to taxpayers. That the Town is already paying retired board member Richie Ferland $14,000 a year in medical benefits. Frank mentioned a board member can take the Town Health insurance, even if they are offered medical coverage by their outside employer and thought this unfair to taxpayers. Council person Heidi Resk mentioned that turning back these benefits to those grandfathered was different than someone loosing benefits from a job - these Board members had voted themselves these benefits! Denis Callanan also thought these benefits unfair and that either the Town Board could correct this, or it could be reversed by a public referendum. John Hickman mentioned he didn't think it right to take back something someone was promised and expecting.
Another resident Joe, said the public should vote on this issue. Carmine Delgadio (sp?) said the public  should decide. While Anthony DiCanstansia (sp?), retired from NYNEX said Putnam County has health benefits... but you have to serve 16 consecutive terms to quailfy. And he mentioned the tax reval project has already hurt many financially. Heidi Resk asked what impacts would be on other Town workers.
4.           Discuss Safety Coordinator
Board wants to hire an independent contractor for this position to do building inspections, manuals, guidelines and other needs. Discussion of whether this person/position would need insurance.
5.           Discuss Rail Trail Parking
At Lake Walton Rd and Van Wyck Lane, the County wants to lease E.F. Town land to have parking for rail trail. Discussion of whether Town wants to lease said land to County.
6.           Discuss Wiccopee Historic District
Discussion of moving the proposal to make Wiccopee Hamlet East Fishkill First Historical District forward. Input from Tim Leed and Malcolm Mills, East Fishkill Historical Society Director, about the rich and long history of Wiccopee from being inhabited by approximately 1000 native American Indians, to the colonial settlement in the early 1700's, that the hamlet that has existed much unchanged from it's time in the mid-1800's, and how at least Nineteen of the structures in the Hamlet are on the town’s Survey of Historic Structures. Many think it's a great idea. Town Historian Carolyn Plage said she has original proposal to make Wiccopee an Historic District at her office and would make it available to Town Board members to review. Town Controller Catherine Mitchell.... mentioned she had lived in an historic home and received some grant money for painting efforts.
7.           Discuss Outdoor Furnaces
Since the County didn't act to have laws regulating these county-wide, the Town is considering a local law. to address 1). what can be burned, i.e. no dangerous chemicals, etc. 2). safety concerns. 3). nuisance issues impacting neighbors, i.e. smoke, smells. 4). health and environmental issue.
Close Work Session
Next Work Session:  December 20, 2007
Reorganization Meeting and swearing in ceremony of
Re-elected and newly elected officials:  January 3, 2008
Next Town Board Meeting:  January 10, 2007
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