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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Meeting -
December 20th, 2007 – 7:30 PM



Supervisor's Announcements

John Koch, because he is assuming a position on the Town Council the beginning of 2008, is resigning from the E.F. Town Planning Board. John has been a tremendous asset to the Town in this position and his knowledge and expertise will be missed. This was announced with much applause in appreciation of John Koch’s work on the Planning Board.

Supervisor John Hickman recognized those responsible for the Town Holiday decorations.

As this was East Fishkill Town Clerk Dorothy Mekeel’s last meeting as Town Clerk, the Town Board recognized her many decades of work for the Town! She was presented with a beautiful mantle clock, a plaque recognizing her service to the Town of East Fishkill, photos were taken with all the past Town Supervisors – the Town Board and more… and then a break was announced and in honor of Dorothy Mekeel much food including sub sandwiches, coffee, water, soda, cookies and cake was provided to celebrate her years of service. Dorothy received a standing ovation for her dedication and work for East Fishkill. We hope to have some photos to post on this wonderful celebration of service to the Town.

Congratulations and Thank You for your service Dorothy Mekeel!

Roll Call  All in attendance except Councilperson Heidi Resk

Public Comments on Agenda Items

A local resident, Sally Garfield, spoke passionately on how she thought the Town Board was courageous and doing the right thing to pass smart land use laws during the building moratorium and that these were critical issues the Town is addressing. Her letter is far better… so as soon as we can, we’ll send it along, it’s very well stated!

Approve Minutes

Public Hearing(s):

              1.           Consider Local Law Extending the Building Moratorium until September, 2008.

This was briefly discussed and as the Town still has much work needed to address the explosive growth and impacts, the current Town law moratorium was extended.


              1.           Reschedule the Public Hearings with respect to Administration of the Building Code and Outdoor Furnaces to January 24, 2008.

Rescheduled to Jan. 24, 2008

2.                      Award Contract for Cleaning Catch Basins.

Awarded to Fred A. Cook, the low bidder for this work. Our Town Engineer said this company has been doing work like this since being established in 1975.

3.           Set Public Hearing to Consider Modifying the Boundaries of the Hopewell Hamlet Sewer District.
Set for Jan. 24th, 2008 meeting.

              4.           Release Maintenance Bond on Nancy Court.

              5.           Approve Assessment Roll Maintenance Plan to be Submitted to the NYS Office of Real Property Services.

              6.           Appoint Foreman in Highway as In House MS-4 Coordinator and Safety Coordinator.
Appointed John Paraskeva to this position.

              7.           Accept Crooked Oaks as Town Road.

              8.           Authorize Intermunicipal Agreement with Dutchess County for Rail Trial.
Tabled for further discussion at next Town Board workshop.

              9.           Appoint Member to the Fire Advisory Board.
Appointed two members – Jeff Walters and Mel (didn’t catch full name, so if someone sends in we’ll be happy to post it)

              10.         Authorize signing of PBA Contract.

11.                  Appoint a Detective.
Appointed John Almos (sp?) as detective.

12.                  Appoint a Operator in the Highway Department.
Tabled for the evening

Additions to the Agenda

13.                  Authorize bids for Recreation Bathrooms at Route 376 Complex


14.                  Appoint Part Time Secretary to Recreation Department.

Approved, Christine Smalley (sp?)

15.                  Consider a union request in the matter of Senior Accounting Clerk Compensation.

Will discuss

16.                  Reschedule the Public Hearing with respect to Administration of the Building Department

Duplicate - Same as agenda item #1

17.                  Resolution and support of the Empire Zone Boundary Revision


18.                  Remove fixed assets from Town Inventory

5 items – computers and printers

Budget Transfers (if any):

Public Comment on General Town Issues:

Tim Paraskeva asked if the Town is in discussions with Dutchess County about putting a control/stop light at Phillips Rd and Beekman Rds, Councilperson Ethel Walker has been in discussions and wanted to know the distances from the other light at Beekman and the Taconic, and the one at Route 52 and the Taconic as the County seems to think a light cannot be put so close to another light – yet the one at Rte 52 and the Taconic is even closer by most reckoning.

Another question was asked if anything was being done about Hillside Lake being drained and refurbished. Supervisor Hickman said the Town is working on this, Ethel Walker mentioned in the past there was discussion of taking the sludge from the lake to Metzger’s Farm for fill, but some level of contaminant made this undesirable.

John Koch noted the Town’s swearing in and reorganizational meeting is Jan 3rd at 7:30pm.

Supervisor John Hickman and the Board wished everyone Happy Holidays!

One additional note: there is a partition now in the Town Hall meeting room to house the video/audio equipment. Though we are strong supporters and loudly applaud the Town’s efforts to make meetings more accessible via cable TV, we wondered if this space could have been in an elevated platform, saving precious scarce seating space in our already sometimes crowded hall. We really urge residents to attend meetings and be vocal in the Town’s issues. -SWO


Next Town Board Work Session:  January 10, 2008  7:30 p.m.

Next Town Board Meeting:               January 24, 2008  7:30 p.m.


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