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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Workshop Meeting  - February 8, 2007 – 7:30 PM

Presentation by Various Boards, Committees and Reports

1. Cappelli Rezone Presentation
Request to rezone 2 lots, a total of 6 acres along the corner of Rtes 52 and Palen Road, where the new houses are being built, from residential to business zoning. Proposing 2 buildings, 9,000 sqft each, professional offices. Concerns were mentioned that this intersection in front of IBM/Technology Park is already an extremely busy traffic area.

 2. Reval Presentation by MJW
A representative from MJW Consulting was there as well as Town Assessor Kathleen Martin. Though the rep from MJW was vague about answering some questions, he indicated that about 65% of residents will see taxes remain about the same and 35% will see an increase of some sort. In the next couple of weeks every property owner will receive a notice that will show if there’s an tax increase or decrease or remaining the same. Star and Senior Star exemptions will scale up. Star exemptions need to be filed prior to March 1st. If you have questions about your notice, MJW has a call number, you call, and then they’ll call back and review the data with you. If there are problems or misinformation, 1st step is to contact the revaluation firm, MJW. 2nd step is to file a grievance for grievance day, May 22nd. You must file paperwork – you can pick up grievance paperwork after May 1st. 3rd step, would be to file a small claims action – which is a hearing before a hearing officer. 80% of issues get resolved at step 1.
Many in the audience said MJW does not return phone calls.
Some people mentioned the photos of their homes in the paperwork sent by MJW was the wrong house.
Debra Hall asked how properties in the Superfund sites would be assessed/impacted by the pollution.
Some stats mentioned: School taxes are 75% of all taxes, there are approximately 11,000 properties in East Fishkill, July 1st, 2006 is the date for which the valuation is determined.
A man made a point to let residents know there is a disability exemption in East Fishkill – you must file for it.
Additional information at: www.reassess.org (though their “Contact us” link did not work at the time of this writing.
Star exemptions information: http://www.eastfishkillny.org/departments/star.htm

Further note: as Malcolm Mills has raised a concern, “if the assessment on older homes is to bring them up to their “current sale price”, and assuming the Town property tax revenue is to remain unchanged, then the tax on older homes will increase, and that on the new home will be reduced.” This will negatively impact many long time residents who’ve paid taxes over decades, also older residents on fixed incomes, which may result in selling off of lots – negatively impacting Towns stated desire to promote Open Space.

Review and Receipt of Correspondence
1. Lake Walton Letters

The Town has received many letters to traffic problems along Lake Walton Rd. including a petition to drop the speed limit. The Town is looking into signage, enhanced road markings, repaving with a more gripping surface, possibly lowering speed limits as ways to address the issues.

2. Stockyard Letter
Town has received a letter from Stockyard Restaurant to place a pole and lighting at entrance at Turner Street. As they are in the Hopewell Lighting District, costs would be spread out in the District.


3.  Building Dept. Letter
Building Department request to impose new fees for fencing, fire alarm, and review of substantially changed building plans. Will be reviewed by Town Board.

Open Work Session
1. Discuss Building Dept. Fees

Town Board seemed favorable to Building Departments requests for new fees to cover additional review work at Building Department.

2. Discuss Hopewell Glen Water District
Discussion of above.

3. Discuss Police Officer Use Package
Chief Nichols working with Town Attorney Tom Wood, is proposing outside use of police officers be conducted through the Town. Currently officers are paid by outside entity and receive a 1099 tax form. Proposal to address liability and insurance concerns would have outside entity pay the Town a set higher fee, and the Town would pay police officer for work done outside Town duties.

4. Discuss Vicki Lane
The Town has received several complaints from residents of Vicki Lane that a connector road from the massive Toll Brothers project would impact their neighborhood. Their low traffic street is a community resource where people walk and kids play. The additional traffic would impact this. The Town has a stated desire to increase connecting roads, yet this must be balanced with the quality of life and safety of existing residents.

5. Discuss Brush Drop Off
The Town is discussing ways to address the need for brush removal. Last year’s brush drop off program was used by over 500 residents. Some do not have a way to get brush to drop off areas… some areas pooled private resources to achieve this. The year before, the brush pick up costs were over $500,000 and the Town no longer has money to fund this. It was discussed that perhaps more than one drop off spot be considered this year.

Close Work Session



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