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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Meeting -
January 10th, 2008 – 7:30 PM

East Fishkill Town Board Work Session
January 10th, 2008 – 7:30PM


CALL TO ORDER – All Board Members attending.

Open Work Session

1.           Discuss Presidential Way Water System
It looked like about 10+ residents from Presidential Way were there to let the board know of their hardship in not having good water supply to their homes. One resident suggested Board members turn all the water off to them home for an entire day. Some spoke that it appeared that Serenity Way, with it’s new homes, was getting water before them. Town engineer, Scott Bryance, said Serenity Way was to get water from Whorley, but this is not working out. The Town is looking at getting water from Rand Corporation, or additional wells. Tom Woods, Town attorney said to get DEC and BOH approvals would be around 6 to 9 mths. Dennis Miller, Highway Superintendent, said the Town has drilled 9 test wells in two general areas to try and find a source of water for residents. Asked if Old Hopewell Rd could be cut to lay an 8” supply pipe, a DOT Rep in the audience said no cuts are being contemplated or allowed now.

2.           Discuss Hamlet Wastewater District Boundaries
The Hamlet Wastewater boundaries no longer includes Charlotte Grove Mobile Home Park, as the costs to pipe there have risen with some proposed new construction between the Park and the Hamlet no longer is being done. Work on the plant should end around Sept. 2008 and Phase 1 of the hookups, which include Unity Plaza, should be done by or before then. Phase 2 includes hookups to Hopewell Apartments and Gayhead School.

3.           Discuss Rail Trail Maintenance/Property
Rail Trail – An engineer with Dutchess County made a presentation and gave the board some documents that are proposed agreements between the Town and the County. One, covering maintenance sharing, the other covering land leasing for parking (25 spaces) on a Town property on Lake Walton Road. Phase 1 of the Trail is already open to the Public. The Trail Head (end) would be at the Hopewell Hamlet Old Railroad Depot Station. E.F. Recreation Head said it looked like a lot of costs to maintain the trail would be borne by the Town of E.F. The County engineer said the County would do a lot of the “heavy lifting” and suggested volunteer groups could volunteer to do much of the maintenance. Mowing schedules/costs were mentioned as a concern. The illegal running of “Quads” and other motorized vehicles on the trail was a concern of many including the E.F. Police Dept. Board member John Koch said the agreement was NOT 50% / 50%... that the maintenance would cost E.F a lot more. Town a lot. Board member Ethel Walker said she doesn’t want the Town to have a lot of unfunded expenses from the Rail Trail (i.e. at E.F. taxpayers’ expense!)
Ethel also asked the engineer about a signal light at Phillips and Beekman road, as the County said it would be too close to the other light at Beekman and the Taconic. Ethel said this was OK where the Taconic meets Rte 52 – in fact, the distance to lights at Phillips and Beekman is 55 feet further than the existing distance at Taconic and Rte 52.

4.           Meet with Recreation Committee
The Rec Committee met with the Town Board. The Rec Committee is looking at costs for 2008, perhaps in a co-op agreement with Wappingers Central Schools to build a rec field in the Fishkill Plains area that the WCS would share in costs. The proposed Field House/Rec Center is a substantial project that will require a bond funding. Supervisor John Hickman said the Community Grant Application for $150,000 for senior use of the new Rec Center was turned down. He did mention another Grant request for $7,500 was approved for a Hamlet Planner. The overall cost for the new Rec Center will be around $3 mil. to $ 5 million dollars. The E.F. Rec Fund currently has about $1.3 million in funds, with $250,000 in 2008 projects and a new lighting system to eat up about half of this $1.3 million. Rec Committee was hoping more dollars would come in from new construction, but this has (thankfully – SWO) slowed down. Concern was mentioned about residents from other Towns using E.F. Rec facilities without paying, or paying enough, for them. John Koch wanted to have a count of how many non-E.F. residents were currently using the fields. He also asked how much free/open time would be available to E.F. residents at the new Rec Center. Concerns were mentioned that the new Rec Center address Senior needs and future expandability. A Rec Committee member said E.F. Police Bike Patrols were very helpful.

5.           Discuss Senior/Work force Housing
Supervisor Hickman would send proposed laws to the Planning Board for review.

6.           Discuss Employee Handbook
John Hickman wants Board to read, discuss and hopes to adopt at a Feb. 2008 meeting.

7.           Discuss Outdoor Furnaces
As written, law would prohibit on lots of 4 acres or less and would require those with pre-existing outdoor furnaces to register them. John Koch mentioned acreage requirement doesn’t make sense as a house/furnace would be on the corner of a 10 acre parcel, right next to another house, so setbacks make more sense. Also Koch mentioned concerns of the Town being able to enforce the laws. John Koch suggested a total ban. Board member William Dahncke agreed, Board member Peter Cassidy urged consideration with the price of fuel oil in the mid $3/gal now. Other concerns mentioned were impacts on already poor air quality and safety concerns. Board will consider other Town’s laws in addition to a ban. It was mentioned indoor woodstoves and other heating units are available to residents to use,

Close Work Session

Next Town Board Meeting:  January, 24, 2008

Next Work Session:  February 8, 2008

All Agendas are posted on the web at www.eastfishkillny.org

Information believed accurate, please send us any corrections.

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