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Meeting minutes and notes from the East Fishkill Town Board Meeting -
January 10th, 2008 – 7:30 PM
March 27, 2008
7:30 p.m.
Supervisor's Announcements
Supervisor John Hickman thanked the East Fishkill PBA for their work for the Easter Egg Hunt. Michael White and Lori give a presentation on the beautification plantings barrels. They are trying to get nearby businesses to support financially or take care of the plantings in the barrels. Council person Ethel Walker suggested posting an "adopt-a-barrel" notice on Channel 22 the local Town news channel. May 17th is the target planting date for the barrels.
Roll Call  All Board members in attendance.
Public Comments on Agenda Items  None!
Approve Minutes  Minutes from Feb 7th and 28th approved.
Public Hearing(s):
        1. Consider Local Law “A” Establishing the Dept. of Engineering
Supervisor Hickman wanted to further discuss at the next Workshop meeting.

        2. Consider the formation of the Lomala Park District
This would entail the deeding over to the Town of the Lomala Community Center and land. Lomala Community members would pay $153/yr for 30 years to cover $81,000 in capital improvements. It could only be used by Community members. Adjourned to next board meeting as they need to hear from Town Fishkill's Board as some property is in the Town of Fishkill.
        3. Consider the establishment and expansion of the Brettview Water District II (Presidential Way and Newhard Place)
Awaiting DEC approvals. Projected to be $586 per household on a thirty year bond.

Record and File
Town Board to accept record and file Notice of Public Hearing from Town of Fishkill for Certain Zoning Code Provisions regarding signs.  Town of Kent for Extension of Interim Development Law Adopted as Local Law No. 4, 2007.
Received these notices from adjacent Towns.

1. Resolution establishing part-time elected officials benefits
Supervisor Hickman wanted to further discuss - moved to the April 10th meeting.

2. Authorize Agreement with Poughkeepsie Dutchess Empire Zone for administrative fees of $19,200
Council Person John Koch thought these monies should not go to wealthy companies like IBM or to Pizza Shops, as they have in the past, but to real development of new industry. Approved, with John Koch voting "No".

3. Authorize Intermunicipal Agreement with Dutchess County for a Town Parcel for parking on Lake Walton Road next to the Rail Trail
Council Person Ethel Walker was concerned that requests to the County for a light at Philips Road and Beekman Rd was ignored. County and Federal $$ would pay for parking lot. County wants Town to have any liability on parking lot and provide maintenance. John Koch wanted to see parking design plans. A resident suggested it be a "Carry In - Carry Out" area. Another resident suggested more police patrols of area and rail trail. Approved, with Ethel Walker voting "No". The Town's responsibility for maintenance clause was removed from resolution.

4. Authorize Emergency Purchases for Little Switzerland Water District
25 hp pump had burned out and needed replacement. Approved for up to $30,000 expenses.

5. Schedule Public Hearing for May 22, 2008 for Ghatalia, Route 82 Rezoning Request as recommend by the Planning Board
Request to rezone to B-1 zoning. Scheduled.

6. Schedule Public Hearing for May 22, 2008 on Proposal to Amend Zoning Ordinances with respect to Revised Planning Board Application
Council Person John Koch said these were updated applications that would give more information to boards in a more timely manner to help in decisions process. Scheduled.

7. Consider the Placement of a Hot Dog Vendor on Town Property on Route 376 and Penny Lane.
For Tracy's Hot Dogs, was site of K&T Hog Dogs, no longer operating there. Tracy worked at K&T's. Said she had liability insurance and a Health Dept permit. Approved.

8. Refer Petition for Rezoning from 1525 Route 52 Partnership, LLS Stone Ridge) to the Planning Board
Approved. This is to rezone land in front of Stone Ridge residential area on the corner of Rte 52 and Palen Rd. to a B-1 zoning. There are concerns with the traffic at this busy intersection, and an easement that would put access on Palen Rd/

9. Grant Permission to the Joe DiMaggio Lodge #2248 Order Sons of Italy in America for the use of the East Fishkill Recreation Fireman’s Field
Approved. $150/day rec fee plus an appropriate donation.

10. Authorize assignment of Jett Contract
Approved. The company building the waste water plant in Hopewell Jct was bought and this assigns the contract to the new company.

11. Issue a further resolution authorizing a Flexible Spending Plan

12. Authorize Bid for Brush Pickup/Drop Off
Approved for Drop Off portion. Council Person Bill Dahnacke wanted to separate bids for drop off vs pick up. Town would issues tickets or a limited brush pick up, say limited to 500 people. John Koch said he thought the pick up period should be time limited to say two weeks.

13. Authorize payment of Contractor’s Bill

14. Authorize Intermunicipal Agreement with the Town of Beekman to utilize their Animal Shelter as a primary dog facility and to authorize the SPCA as a secondary facility.
Approved. Dr. McCord was primary facility.

15. Appoint Members to the Board of Assessment Review.

16. Authorize to sign stop DWI Contract with Dutchess County

17. Authorize recreation bathroom bids.
Approved, to low bidder.

Budget Transfers (if any):
Approved. East Fishkill Controller Christine Mitchell said with the economic downturn payments such as mortgage recording fees, and planning and zoning fees were down.

Public Comment on General Town Issues:
Town resident Marty asked the Town about:
1). A Town Ban on pesticides usage. John Hickman suggested an educational approach as it's other government agencies that regulate pesticides, but smart usage education was a good idea.
2). Suggested the Town allow some competition with additional TV cable vendors to give residents more choice and competition.
3). Said that parking lot apron at "Blue Fountain" restaurant was causing drainage issues along the road.

Council Person Peter Cassidy said next weekend was clean up weekend.

Council Person John Koch had new sign reflecting regulations from a conference he attended, that will come into mandate in the future and was giving a copy to Town Highway Superintendent Dennis Miller.

Next Town Board Work Session:  April 10, 2008 7:30 p.m.
Next Town Board Meeting:               April 24, 2008 7:30 p.m.

Information believed accurate, please send us any corrections.

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