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Hazardous Waste
March 23rd Update
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Disposing of Hazardous Waste:

This is the schedule and process for properly disposing of certain hazardous wastes. Keep our aquifer and water supply safe by following these guidelines. Electronics commonly contain lead, mercury and other toxins. Did you know the average CRT monitor has about 7 lbs of lead in it? Disposing in landfills potentially allows this to get into water sources. Safe disposal cost's only $5! Read details below.




Call 463-6020 to register and schedule an appointment, then send a check for $5.00 payable to ‘DCRRA’ Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency, 96 Sand Dock Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

These events are partially funded by the
NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

This Program Is For Dutchess County Residents Only

For more information - www.DCRRA.org

Expanded Electronic Equipment Collection!!!

By Advanced Recovery Inc. www.advancedrecovery.com


Product Containers Marked:

“Warning”, “Hazardous”, “Flammable”, “Poisonous”, Corrosive” Photo chemicals, non latex driveway sealer, pool chemicals, creosote, kerosene, flammable liquids, metal polish, turpentine, stains, varnishes, strippers, thinners, gasoline/oil mixture, brake fluid, auto fluids, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, adhesives, resins, solvents, oil & lead based paints (no latex!), mercury containing devices, button cell batteries for watches & hearing aids, computer monitors, CPUs, fax machines, printers, TV’s, stereos, and telephones


Ammunition or explosives, appliances, asbestos products, latex driveway sealer, broken glass, building or construction debris, tires, furniture, medical waste or medicines, propane or other flammable gas cylinders, radioactive materials, scrap metal, metal drums or empty containers

Latex Paint — Add kitty litter or sawdust to dry out remaining paint, and then place the can in your regular trash

Motor Oil — NY State requires service stations and automotive retailers to accept used motor oil and antifreeze

Automotive Batteries — NY State requires retailers to take back old car batteries

Alkaline Batteries — AAA, AA, C, D. 9 Volt and lantern batteries are regular household trash

Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium Batteries — Call 1-800-Battery for most convenient local disposal location


Collections will be the first Saturday of the month - at DCRRA in Poughkeepsie on April 3, May 1, July 10*, August 7, October 2 and November 6, the Red Hook Recycling Center on June 5 and Cornell Cooperative Extension in Millbrook on September 4. All events begin-at 7:30AM.

Pre-registration and pre-payment for HHW events is mandatory. DCRRA must receive your $5 registration fee by the Wednesday prior to each Saturday’s event. No monies will be accepted at the collection site and non-registered, non-paid residents will be refused.

Bins will also be available at the DCRRA location only to dispose of junk mail, white paper, magazines, newspaper and commingled bottles & cans. There is no fee charged and no registration needed for these bins.

    July event is the second Saturday, July 10, due to the July 4 Holiday Weekend.

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