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Issues and Concerns

    Opinions and concerns are listed below.

    The proposed gas station is a major project with major impacts. Located on Route 52 and Fishkill Hook/Hook Rd. in Wiccopee Hamlet. As proposed, per filed maps, the site plan would include development of part of the existing dirt lot, all the way behind the Hickman properties, the O’Dell property, and include a 9000 sq. ft. - two story building, gas pumps, parking for 50 cars, and a proposed subsurface sewage disposal that would extend behind the Bell property all the way over to the property of the chiropractor. See maps.

    Traffic – site plan calls for an entrance onto site from Route 52. The filing states a projected “81 trips per hour of traffic.” Anyone who’s been here for any time knows that traffic through the hamlet of Wiccopee and on Route 52 is bad and getting heavier all the time. It's bad enough getting onto Route 52 without creating an additional nearby traffic entry point. Existing no parking laws in the Hamlet are posted, but not enforced and blatantly ignored.

    Water pollution /quality – already many residents have experienced poor water quality/supply and contaminants have been found in some water samples. The site is over a major aquifer that supplies all the residential wells in the immediate area.

    Site borders a stream, Bloomer Brook, that feeds into the Fishkill Creek watershed system, which then feeds into the Hudson River.

    The filing states a projected water usage of “900 gallons a day” – far in excess of a residential usage and additional stress on water supplies.

    A “Yes” is checked for: “Construction on land where water table is less than 3 feet.”

    A “Yes” is checked for: “increased volume of discharge to unnamed stream.”

    A “Yes” is checked for: “Proposed action may cause a risk of explosion or release of hazardous substances (i.e. oil, pesticides, chemicals. radiation, etc.) in the event of accident or upset conditions, or there may be chronic low level discharge or emission.”

    Though MTBE's might be finally outlawed, gasoline contains more than 100 other chemicals including toluene, benzene, xylene ... many things a person does not want to drink, nor breathe.

    Many areas of the county have already experienced contamination of aquifers by MTBE and other gasoline additives. More about MTBE: The gasoline additive MTBE first was introduced into the nation's gasoline supply two decades ago. Since then, MTBE has contaminated many thousands of drinking water supplies around the country. The chemical is released into the environment via leaking storage tanks and gasoline spills, including small spills such as those that routinely occur when filling up at the service station.

    Concerns that existing neighbors septic systems will be negatively impacted by filling at site and over saturation of ground due to: high water table, site water run off, and wastes. Already many of the homes are impacted by water issues.

    What will be the impact on existing flora and fauna whose habitat will be destroyed?

    Concerns include that there will be additional noise pollution.

    Concerns that operation will cause loitering.

    That there will be air pollution from the gas fumes, the starting and stopping of vehicles, the delivery trucks, and trucks idling beyond the 5 minute NYS anti-idling law (already a problem at this site).
    Fumes will come from gas filling and especially when storage tanks are being filled.

    That there will be light pollution. Despite the applicant's representative euphemistic description of downward facing lights... one only has to view the daylight bright lights at the Citgo in Brinkerhoff, or any of the other modern gas stations to see that there will be a constant glow over the Wiccopee Hamlet.

    That there will be additional garbage generated at and from the site.

    Concerns are that property owner will not properly landscape, improve, or maintain site, from years of observation of existing conditions of site.

    Site filing indicates: “that development will create a demand for additional community services (e.g. schools, police, fire).”

    Site proposed use would negatively impact residential property values in the immediate areas.

    Site is not in keeping with the otherwise rural residential historic hamlet. Most of the houses here are approaching 200 years old and many are over 200 years. Site proposed use would forever negatively change the nature of the surrounding area.

    Many feel too, this is not a use that is needed in the area. There are plenty of gas stations on Route 52 and Routes 9, and these particular areas, and this particular site, are not suited for this type of development. Though not a criteria in deciding this, this data, along with the potential harm this project might have, should be considered. See map of nearby gas stations.

Nov. 2004 BREAKING NEWS - a new application, almost identical to gas station proposal, minus the pumps, has been filed.

April 12, 2004 BREAKING NEWS.... Save Wiccopee has learned that Thomas Scanlon, through his engineer, has withdrawn his application for the special permit for a gas station in Wiccopee.

The East Fishkill ZBA Board set a date for additional public comments on the revised scoping document for April 13th. Mark your calendars and be sure to comment before then.

The Wiccopee Aquifer is a shared resource.

Much like a swimming pool… if someone has “an accident” in the pool—it can affect everyone. Spills, groundwater runoff, and major accidents can impact the aquifer and the Fishkill Creek Watershed.

Do you want to risk you family’s health to this potential threat?

We are very concerned with the environmental impacts on the water and our air.



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