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MTBE Spills in Dutchess County

Here are the 27 MTBE spills here in Dutchess County, that according to the DEC's own website this weekend (and WR's info faxed to us), have contaminated groundwater!...
See for yourself at this NYS Department of Environmental Conservation site-- just type in the seven-digit spill numbers listed below at this website below and go!...
"MTBE has been detected" at all of the following 27 sites here in the county: [22 of which the DEC themselves say have "groundwater affected"]!...
Again-- ANYone out there know if any of these spills below anywhere near county property or buildings?...(we'll be out there lookin'--but could use your help!)...
5/24/90 Getty-- 226 Rt. 55 in LaGrange-- spill #9002139 "groundwater affected"; 8000 gallons of gas spilled
5/19/93 Exxon-- Rt. 55 in LaGrange "groundwater affected"-- spill #9302291
4/20/93 Exxon-- Spackenkill Road in Poughkeepsie "tank failure"-- spill #9300954
3/22/89 Mobil-- Noxon Rd./Titusville Rd. in LaGrange "groundwater affected"; tank failure-- spill #8809856
10/3/95 Shell-- Rt. 52/Rt. 82 in Fishkill "equipment failure"-- spill #9508170
6/20/96 Shell-- Rt. 52 and Blue Hill Road in East Fishkill "tank failure"-- spill #9603840
2/21/84 Camo/Getty (DEC project)-- Violet Ave. (Rt. 9G) in Hyde Park "groundwater affected"-- spill #8302371
7/11/90 Hess-- 132 East Main Street in Wappingers Falls "tank overfill"; gasoline spilled-- spill #9004001
9/15/92 Gas City-- Rt. 376 in Poughkeepsie "tank failure"-- spill #9206909
8/19/94 Coastal-- Rt.52 and Lake Road in East Fishkill "groundwater affected"-- spill #9406827
11/2/87 Town Motors Texaco-- Rt. 22 and River Road in Pawling "groundwater affected"; tank test failure-- spill #8706646
5/21/98 Cousin's Mini Market Gas Station-- Rt. 22, Box 20 in Wassaic "groundwater affected"..."unknown gallons"-- spill #9802305
1/15/98 Ryan Oil-- Rt. 55/Rt. 82 in Billings "groundwater affected"..."unknown gallons"
12/21/86 Howley/PMI, Darling-- Rt. 82 in Stanfordville "groundwater affected"; tank failure-- spill #8605984
3/27/89 Vassar Facilities Building-- Raymond Ave. in Poughkeepsie "groundwater affected"-- spill #8809971
1/15/98 IBM Recreation Center-- 1580 Rt. 52 in Hopewell Junction "groundwater affected"..."unknown gallons"-- spill #9711590
12/14/95 Nynex-- 83 Pershing Ave. in Poughkeepsie
"groundwater affected"..."unknown gallons"-- spill #9511661
6/2/97 Nynex-- Rt. 55/Rt. 82 in Billings-- spill #9702680 "groundwater affected"..."tank overfill"..."unknown gallons"
5/12/93 UPS-- Noxon Road in Poughkeepsie
"groundwater affected"-- spill #9301986
1/19/94 Cannizzaro Plaza-- Rt. 376 in Hopewell Junction "groundwater affected"-- spill #9314268
6/3/86 Bazely-- 2 Hackensack Rd. in Wappingers Falls "groundwater affected"; gasoline and oil-based sealer spilled
4/3/89 Pica-- 131 Clove Branch Rd. in Hopewell Junction "groundwater affected"-- spill #8900061
6/20/90 Curcio Residence-- 6 West Dorsey Lane in Hyde Park "groundwater affected"-- spill #9004946
1/3/01 Suszczynski-- 17 Hackensack Heights Road in Wappingers "groundwater affected"..."unknown gallons"-- spill #0011439

5/13/98 Malloy-- 3 Walnut Street in Hyde Park
"groundwater affected"..."unknown gallons"-- spill #9802255
2/4/93 Garrett Storm-- Long Dock/Red Flynn Drive in Beacon "groundwater affected"-- spill #9212560
9/25/92 Mrs. Rockefeller-- Rt. 199 (near North Rd.) in Milan "groundwater affected"-- spill #9207392

Curiously, this spill was also included on the list that WR sent me...a "tank test failure", but not an MTBE spill...
1/21/03 South Road Associates-- 2 Neptune Road in Poughkeepsie "tank test failure"-- spill #0210585