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News and Notices
Wiccopee and area news items of interest.

Former Isaac Hawks Wagon Shop - Wiccopee Hamlet, NY

See article below, click here!

BENEFIT BREAKFAST –  Sunday, September 9, from 8-11am, there is going to be a benefit breakfast for the Dodge family given by friends and neighbors at the Stormville Firehouse. The cost is only $8 per person. This is the Stormville family that was in the burn unit at Westchester Medical Center from a boating accident. What a wonderful way to support the community and this family. We encourage all to go and tell your friends, family and neighbors.

Wiccopee Fire Company’s 49TH Annual Steak Roast – Sunday, September 9
After you attend this Sunday’s benefit breakfast, may we suggest a hike, walk, or some yard work to get your appetite up for the Wiccopee Fire Company’s 49TH Annual Steak Roast also this Sunday.
Wiccopee Fire Company's 49TH annual steak roast will be held on Sunday, September 9TH from 1PM to 6PM.

Notice: East Fishkill Planning Board Tues Feb 6th, 2007 - Item #12 is discussion of Wiccopee Town Square, a project that has impacts on Historic Wiccopee Hamlet and the Wiccopee area.

Important Town Public Hearing on Proposed Laws resulting from Building Moratorium - Thursday Nov 16th 7:30 pm - We urge you too attend and voice your support of these laws to address the over-building in East Fishkill.

August 24, 2006 - The initial public hearing on the proposed changes in Town laws as an outcome of the current building moratorium was on Aug 24th, 2006. There will be a continuance of this public hearing, so that more people can comment on these proposed laws, at the Sept. 28th board meeting.

Most people spoke in strong support of these proposed laws, but many thought they should be stronger. One person objected to the steep slopes law saying a strong decline in real estate sales would moderate building in area. There are somewhere around 2,200 homes to be built already approved in East Fishkill. Catherine Wieck and a few speakers spoke on how the increased discharge of wastes into the Fishkill Creek watershed has got to stop.

John Koch, candidate for the Town Board seat in November, and a long time Planning Board member, gave a thoughtful and detailed multiple point review of the proposed laws, pointing out deficiencies and inconsistencies and thoughts on how to make the proposed laws clearer and better.

The Town Board would welcome and review comments from the planning and zoning boards members on the proposed laws.

Larry Tomasso was concerned that the water areas buffer zone might increase costs of some routine property maintenance items like adding an addition, paving a drive, and/or replacing septic fields on an existing property within these proposed buffer areas – he thought this would be unfair to existing property owners and costly.

E.F. Supervisor John Hickman mentioned that IBM and the EPA were moving very slowly on resolving property issues to get clean water to Shenandoah area residents and that the Town was willing to step in and help speed this up.

He also mentioned that Metro North Railroad has asked to remove warnings at grade crossings at several East Fishkill sites. The Town is opposed to this.

The Town Board appointed someone to fill the empty Town Board seat over Board member William Dahncke’s objection that since we’re so close to the elections, that the Town should wait and appoint the election winner to fill the rest of the seat’s term.

John Hickman mentioned that the Town needs to address CRD, work-force housing, senior housing and should look at an extension of the building moratorium. Ethel Walker – Town Board member, said more issues need addressing – look at the issues with my favorite development (a reference to Philips Rd development). There will be a Public Hearing Sept 28th, 2006 to consider extending the building moratorium.
Mark your calendars and prepare your input for these Public Hearings Sept 28th!

Report East Fishkill Town Board meeting
April 27th, 2006

Supervisor John Hickman acknowledged the Town has met with the Town’s webmaster and they are looking into incorporating “as much of” the “communications improvement” letter that three community groups, (including Save Wiccopee Organization, Neighbors for a Safe Community, and Hopewell Junction Citizens for Clean Water) sent to the Town as practically possible.

The Town Board voted to have developers post EIS’es (Environmental Impact Statements) on the www.NYS-EIS.com website… I think that’s the one Hank Gross has setup, to comply with law that they be posted on the web.

The Town will be posting ‘proposed’ town laws soon – we were given a copy of the alarm law to distribute – it will be available on our website soon… www.wiccopee.org Read it if you have an alarm.

The Supervisor wanted to get the word out about Wiccopee’s West Hook Sand & Gravel’s intent to expand operations. Most of the operations are in Fishkill, so the hearings are there – but the heavy truck traffic is in East Fishkill/Wiccopee.

There was a brief discussion about the request to rezone the pink house, formerly the Erickson house on Rte 52 in Wiccopee. Concerns about the it being ideally suited as a residential site – but not B1, and once changed to the very broad uses allow in B1 – it could be used for uses that may impact the wetlands/aquifer around it, the Wiccopee and Bloomer creeks on both sides of it, it’s proximity to the IBM well fields and the fact that the very early Wiccopee School house was on this site, and it being at one of the ‘gateways’ to the Historic Wiccopee Hamlet.

Authorized advertising for bids for new-larger street signs as required by 911 and New York State.

Voted to schedule a public hearing on proposed local law regulating automatic alarms in the town.

Tabled for further discussion a policy for disposal of surplus town property.

Authorized the Town Justice department to accept credit cards for payment of fines.

Voted to schedule a public hearing, if needed, for bonding on a remediate leachate system at the Joint Landfill site on Van Wyck Lake Road.

Voted to establish a few weeks of brush drop off program, beginning May 17th, Wednesdays though Saturdays. More details at Town Hall and we will post as we have them.

Voted to approve the appointment of a committee to study the implementation of a Historic District for Wiccopee Hamlet - yes!

In public comments section – there was much public outcry over the proposed dog kennel operation in a residential area on East Hook Cross Rd.

Denis Callinan brought in to the Board documents that show there are tons and tons of pollutants released both into the air and discharged into the Gildersleeve Creek from the Wiccopee Hudson Valley Technology Center site operations. As well as a study that shows an increase in cancer rates in the Shenendoah and Wiccopee areas.

The Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee meets Monday Jan. 9th at 7-9PM at the East Fishkill Community Library - Public invited.

Public Invited - East Fishkill elected officials swearing in ceremony Thursday January 5th, 2006. Refreshments at 6:30PM, followed by ceremony at 7PM. After ceremony, there will be a special Town Board meeting.

Want an idea of what chemicals are in use, where they are going, at the Hudson Valley Research Park in East Fishkill , click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/cnf9f

Strawberry festival this past June 12th

The East Fishkill Historical Society held their annual Strawberry Festival this Sunday June 12th, from 2-5pm. Though warm, the weather was a pleasant summer day and no rain was seen. A large tent, and the trees in the yard, helped to keep everyone cool.

A wonderful selection of food was available… ham, salads, desserts, baked beans, rolls, drinks, vegetables and more… the famous Strawberry Shortcake kept coming out in great quantity, and it alone was worth making the trip for… excellent! Banjo music filled the grounds, the house-barn-schoolhouse were all open for visits, Don Hanna – a EFHS trustee was there to appraise family treasures, and there was a unique display of 18th and 19th century kitchen utensils provided by Art Church.

If you missed it this year… be sure to catch it next year. You should visit the East Fishkill Historical Society at the Brinkerhoff-Pudny-Palen house site – it houses a wonderful trip back through East Fishkill’s history. Consider joining… a single membership is only $15, and a family membership is just $20 per year.

Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee major event

On June 6, 2005 FCWC unveiled the Natural Resources Management Plan for the Fishkill Creek Watershed at the Rivers and Estuaries Center, Beacon, NY.

The event marked the culmination of two years of work by the Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee and opens a new chapter of Intermunicipal cooperation. This cooperation, in collaboration with the continued efforts of the Fishkill Watershed Committee will provide the structure to maintain and enhance the health of the Fishkill Creek Watershed.

Planning Board meeting Wiccopee Tuesday, May 17th, 7:30pm, agenda item #10 was discussion before East Fishkill Planning Board of Tom Scanlon’s proposal for a 9,000 square foot – two story building with a 50 car parking lot in Wiccopee hamlet. As this will have a major impact on neighboring properties and the hamlet, we recommend that you follow the developments on this proposal.

Planning Board meeting of 11-30-04 Item #18, named Wiccopee Town Square… did not come up for discussion at last night’s EF Planning Board meeting. They got to item #14 and said they would not get beyond that because of time.

News Update: East Fishkill Planning Board Meeting Nov. 16th, 7:30PM Lists Item #23, Wiccopee Town Square - this was the project name of the gas station proposal. This did not reach discussion this night, but is rescheduled to Nov. 30th.

August 3, 2004, East Fishkill Planning Board ADJOURNED PUBLIC HEARING – West Hook Sand & Gravel & West Hook Realty Lot Line Realignment, West Hook Road was withdrawn at the request of the property owner.

DISCUSSION – Lime Kiln Farm 30 lot Subdivision, East Hook Cross & East Hook Rds. Public hearing was set for Nov. 16th, 2004. There were questions asked about an area called the "stump dump" and it's proximity to proposed house sites.

AUGUST 1, 2004, Jackson Road reopens in Wappingers after being closed 50 days. 6000 gallons of gasoline still unaccounted for! Well water monitoring and site remediation might continue for decades.

July 15th, 2004 Historic Preservation
Kudos to the Town of Poughkeepsie for quickly giving historical designation to Abraham Fort house on South Road, saving the house from demolition for new development. This 250'ish year old stone Dutch home will now be around for future generations to admire.

TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2004 AT 7:30 PM, item # 6, there was a planning board discussion - not public hearing - of a proposal for a 17 car used car lot at the former Gene's Bike Shop/Video 52. Called Lawrence site plan, Route 52. This building was the former wagon shop of Isaac Hawks. This is within the proposed Wiccopee Historic District. Applicant's representative mentioned the board had asked that a less impactful use be considered, i.e. a barbershop. Applicant supplied the board photos of lot with cars parked there. The board had concerns that cars would be parked on Town property, that pre-existing non-conforming use might have expired, and that larger vehicles like SUV's might be on site (a concern with traffic visibility). Applicant was to look into these issues.

  • Sat. June 12th, 2004
    Dutchess County Historical Society presents the Silver Ribbon House Tour of historic homes and sites in the East Fishkill area.
  • Historic District... news date, May 13, 2004
    The East Fishkill Town Board discussed the creation of an Historic District for Wiccopee Hamlet at this Thursday's (May 13th 7:30pm), Town Board meeting.
    Council person Ethel Walker thought this was a terrific idea, that we should do what we can to preserve East Fishkill's history and historic structures.

    Council person Richard Ferland said it should be taken seriously and again, that it was a terrific idea.

    Council person Donald Way asked what area would be covered and wanted it to include all pertinent structures.

    Director East Fishkill Historical Society, Malcolm Mills said the initial plan was to have it from former Wiccopee wagon maker Isaac Hawks house (to the right of the Amendola Day Spa), through Hook Rd, around the loop of Fishkill Hook Road, across Route 52 to Old Grange Road and include the Wiccopee Methodist Church.

    Malcolm suggested this Historic designation would improve the recognition of the area, encourage homeowners to improve their properties and hopefully help preserve what is clearly the most notable area in East Fishkill that has remained largely unchanged from the mid-1800's.

    Supervisor Peter Idema commented that other areas should also be looked at for historic areas, that a survey of the towns cemeteries been updated and reviewed, and that the survey of historic buildings in the town be updated. Supervisor Idema also said he would contact the Town of Fishkill as parts of Old Grange Road are in Fishkill township.
    Supervisor Idema mentioned that a thick book that contains the current survey of historic building is available at the East Fishkill Town Library.

    You can read Malcolm Mill's letter about creating the historic district on the Save Wiccopee website here: History
    You are also encouraged to write to the Town Board Council Members supporting the creation of this historic district. It would be great if everyone in the Hamlet, and all of Wiccopee, wrote in to support this worthy effort. You can find the Board contact information here: Contacts
    One of our Save Wiccopee members also wrote a great letter... Virginia A. Buechele's letter is now on the bottom of the History page.
    You are also encouraged to join the East Fishkill Historical Society. Ann Bell (896-5966) and Tim Leed (896-7480), have applications to join, if you'd like one. The fees are minimal and the efforts to preserve East Fishkill's history is a wonderful cause.
  • Disposing of Hazardous Waste: This is the schedule and process for properly disposing of certain hazardous wastes. Keep our aquifer and water supply safe by following these guidelines. Pouring chemicals and pesticides down the drain allows them to enter the aquifer - and our drinking water. Electronics commonly contain lead, mercury and other toxins. Did you know the average CRT monitor has about 7 lbs of lead in it? Disposing in landfills potentially allows this to get into water sources. Safe disposal cost's only $5. Read more, click here!
  • Breaking News... April 12, 2004: Save Wiccopee has learned that Thomas Scanlon, through his engineer, has withdrawn his application for the special permit for a gas station in Wiccopee.
  • March 23rd The East Fishkill ZBA continued public hearing on the scoping session for the DEIS for the Thomas Scanlon proposed gas station in Wiccopee Hamlet started at 7PM.

It looked at around 25 people attending, but after about 20 minutes the attendance grew to somewhere around 50 to 60 people opposed to this proposed gas station... as there was many standing in the back of the room. From comments after the meeting, residents got there when they could, many on their way home from work.

Save Wiccopee presented 4 pages of concerns that were/are not addressed by the revised scoping document. Each item was discussed with the board and then the board asked Scanlon's engineer, Mr. Day, to address these. The ZBA board directed him to include many of these items in the scoping document, and would take under review all the items brought up this evening.
After this, about 15 residents got up to speak against this proposed gas station. Many asking the board very good questions about their review of this proposal. One resident spoke that allowing impactful proposals like this, would destroy what makes Wiccopee such an attractive place to live. He received a loud round of applause. Another supporter let us know that there's a rookery (nesting site) of about 60 herons not far from this site, and downstream from this proposed gas station. Many spoke about the many negative impacts this proposal would have on water, air, traffic, light, impacts on the historical homes, groundwater, and more.
The ZBA Board said that the East Fishkill Town Planner would review the revised scoping document and add input. They hoped a final scoping document would be available by the end of April 2004. They said additional public comments should be in by April 13th.... but we wonder about this, as that's before we can review the "final" scoping document at the end of April. ZBA Chairman Michael Tomkovitch thought the May 2004 ZBA meeting would be the meeting to have final approval of revised scoping document.
Latest Hopewell Junction, New York, weather conditions and forecast

Closest area weather forecasting.

You are also encouraged to join the East Fishkill Historical Society. The fees are minimal and the efforts to preserve East Fishkill's history is a wonderful cause.


East Fishkill Historical Society Headquarters -
The Brinckerhoff-Pudney-Palen House North Kensington Drive, East Fishkill

The Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee hosts it's monthly meeting at the East Fishkill Community Library - Route 376, 7-9pm. FCW meetings are the 1st Monday of the month, East Fishkill Library, 7-9 pm. For information, see the website at www.
FishkillCreekWatershed.org, where there is meeting info and a place to "Contact Us".

Show your support. Yard signs look like this. Comes with metal stand for placing in yard. Please, place only on your property and make sure they do not obstruct traffic views in any way.


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