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  1. Check the web site often to find out what meetings are being held that you can attend. You can also contact the Town for meeting schedules. Attending meetings and making a large showing at them, may help make a difference. So attend all that you can!. Please also sign up for meeting notices and news emails. Keep aware of what's going on in Wiccopee and East Fishkill.
  2. If you have a special talent or professional ability that might come in handy, or would just like to volunteer to help in some way, please contact Save Wiccopee to offer your services! If you have environmental knowledge, zoning and planning knowledge, are an attorney knowledgeable in these areas, or think you could assist us in some fashion, let us know. Use the connect form to reach us.
  3. Please write to various editors of local newspapers. These are read by many people and are important in getting our Wiccopee concerns heard. See contacts page for names and addresses.
  4. Write to the town supervisor. town board and planning board members of East Fishkill (send a copy to each member). Write in support of the Wiccopee Historic District proposal. Write in any concerns. See contacts page for names and addresses.
  5. Visit the East Fishkill Town Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals office 221-2428. During office hours you can review the papers filed for proposed projects. Copies of papers are 25 per page.

  6. Sign up to get news and meeting notices.

  7. Order a yard sign to show your support!

Nov. 2004 BREAKING NEWS - a new application, almost identical to gas station proposal, minus the pumps, has been filed.

April 12, 2004 BREAKING NEWS.... Save Wiccopee has learned that Thomas Scanlon, through his engineer, has withdrawn his application for the special permit for a gas station in Wiccopee.


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